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Tyronne Pillay qualifying for 2012 Paralympic games!

Tyronne Pillay

Well done to Tyronne for qualifying for the South African 2012 Paralympics team!

Powered by Peptopro & PeptoSport!

Cape Epic racing results

Christine Janse Van Rensburg

Well done to Gerhard Ebersohn and Christine Janse Van Rensburg (Team PeptoSport) for finishing 7th in a time of 44:00.02,1 in the mixed category in the Cape Epic!

What Christine had to say: "The 2012 ABSA Cape Epic was undoubtedly tough and arguably one of the toughest yet, both mentally and physically. However, we never experienced the dreadful feeling of 'hitting the wall'. Each morning we woke up ready and eager to face the challenges 'Dr Evil' cooked up for us.

We can only attribute this to the constant intake of PeptoSport during racing each day and directly afterwards. The combination of easily absorbable carbohydrates and amino acids assisted with muscle recovery as we raced and ensured we finished the final stage as strong as we have started the first".

Neil Frazer Well done to Neil Frazer in finishing 23rd in the Cape Epic

Neil Frazer achieved the following results:

Stage Time: 3:52.42,5

Stage Position: 36. in Masters category and 168. in general classification

Overall Time: 45:06.44,5

Overall Position: 23. in Masters category and in 119. general classification

What Neil had to say: "I thought I was well prepared for the race and all that it could throw my way in climbing, descending and very long hard days in the saddle. I was ready but totally unprepared for what the weather was about to deliver.

All I can say is that it does not come tougher - super hot, hypothermic cold, wet, gale force winds, dust, mud - it was relentless and just as you thought you had survived the worst weather ever, another curve ball was delivered at a million miles an hour. That is why I think this was the toughest epic ever. My Quattro Stagioni Epic.

I consumed at least 8 litres of PeptoSport a day. It is not possible to do a race like the Epic without great nutrional support. In addition I ate vast quantities of food".

All powered by Peptopro & PeptoSport!

Team Garwood make history at 2012 Ironman!

Team Garwood

Well done to Kevin Garwood and his son Nikki in finshing the 2012 Iron Man in difficult conditions! You two are truly Iron men!

We trust to see you back in 2013 and that Nikki will be able to complete the run with you then. Peptopower!

Team Garwood

Riana van Niekerk winning marathon in record time!

Riana Van Niekerk.jpg

Riana won the Wally Hayward Marathon on Tuesday, 1st of May, in a new record Time of 3:00:19. She beat Jenniffer Koech from Kenya by 5 min.

She used PeptoSport at 13, 24 and 32km. She was 2min behind the other ladies at halfway but had a very strong second half. Powered by PeptoSport!



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