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BSG Elite Team 2011 UPDATE
January 2012  

Andrea Steyn

Andrea Steyn

Andrea Steyn won three events in the 2011 Momentum I - flex National Duathlon series and, more recently, the first five events in the 2011 BSG Energade TriSeries. She also won the silver medal in the inaugural All Africa Games sprint triathlon event in Mozambique.

Richard Murray

Richard Murray

Richard Murray recently came 2nd in the ITU World Cup in Huatulco, Mexico. This is the highest placing from a South African triathlete in a World Cup since 2008. Other notable results Richard has achieved in 2011 are: becoming the All Africa Champion, and winning the ITU Premium European Cup in Belgium. Locally, he won two of the events in the 2011 Momentum I - flex National Duathlon series and the opening event in the 2011 BSG Energade TriSeries. He is currently ranked 48th on the ITU Points List and 61st on the Olympic ranking. He is now in a great position to reach South Africa's Olympic Games qualifying criteria by the 31st of May 2012.

Kate Roberts

Kate Roberts

Kate Roberts has had a difficult year competing in most of the ITU World Championships Series events to maintain her Olympic Ranking. She did become the All Africa Triathlon Champion and finished the 2011 ITU World Championships Series with a 15th placing in Yokohama and the ITU World Cup Series with a 12th place in Auckland. Despite mechanical difficulty on the bike stage in the Midmar event of the BSG Energade TriSeries she finished 4th.

Chris Felgate

Chris Felgate

Chris Felgate has competed in three ITU World Cups in Canada, Hungary and Colombia, finishing 51st in Canada and Hungary, and 34th in Colombia. He also came 4th in the inaugural All Africa Games triathlon in Mozambique and has had three top six place finishes in three Momentum I - flex National Duathlon series events. He finished 3rd in the Joburg City Triseries event in Germiston and 4th in the BSG Energade TriSeries event in Potchefstroom.

Abrahm Louw

Abrahm Louw

Abrahm Louw finished 2nd in the ITU Continental Cup in Singapore, 3rd in the All Africa Championships and 2nd in the recent All Africa Games. Abrahm placed 39th (Elite) in his first ITU World Cup in Hungary, 34th (Elite) in the ITU Sprint World Championships in Lausanne and 32nd in the ITU World Cup In South Korea. Abrahm has achieved all these results despite only being 19 years old. He has had three 3rd place and one 2nd place finish at the BSG Energade TriSeries.

Vicky van der Merwe

Vicky van der Merwe

Vicky has had a difficult 18 months, however, her persistence has paid off and she has returned to competition at the 2011 BSG Energade TriSeries. She has had one 5th place, two 4th place and one 3rd place finishes.

Wian Sullwald

Wian Sullwald

Wian has had a great international season where he has he finished 2nd in the ITU Junior European Cup in Belgium, 3rd in the Netherlands and 10th in Luxembourg. He also won gold in the U19 category in the All Africa Championships and bronze in the All Africa Games. He commenced the 2011 BSG Energade Triseries but had to withdraw from the first two events and end his 2011 season early due to an iron deficiency and recurring middle ear infection.

A fast five minutes with Lee-Ann Persse
(By World Rowing)
January 2012  

Lee-Ann Persse


South Africa's Lee-Ann Persse, 23, began to compete internationally a little less than two years ago. From placing 13th and 11th in the women's pair at World Rowing Cups in 2010, she improved impressively within a year's time, finishing 6th at the 2011 World Rowing Championships with partner Naydene Smith, thereby qualifying the women's pair for the 2012 London Olympic Games.

My sporting hero is
Roger Federer. I've actually always wanted to be a tennis player, and he has always inspired me.

I'm motivated by
knowing that I can always improve in both technique and strength, but am especially motivated by the goals I set for myself.

A typical day involves
eating, rowing, eating, gym, eating, sleeping, erging

My favourite training session
would have to be any session involving sprint pieces. I also enjoy rowing in the early morning or evening when the water is flat and all you can hear is the sound of the bubbles under the boat.

On the erg I listen to
the sound of the ergo fan, haven't listened to music on the erg for years.

My goal in rowing this year is
to perform at my very best in London.

My toughest race was
the semifinal at the 2011 Samsung World Rowing Cup in Lucerne.

I get annoyed when
I fail to reach my goals

My favourite film is
probably Finding Nemo - I love the animations!

I study
Sports Science

I'm most relaxed when
I'm at home with my family in Cape Town!

My favourite book is
Shantaram, a very long read, but also very inspiring story.

My favourite TV programme is
Minute to win it

I'm afraid of
any creepy crawly bugs or animals, especially frogs.

In 10 years' time I will
I haven't quite looked that far into the future yet, but hopefully will still be in a rowing boat!

Lee-Ann Persse
Drak icon to take his place!
January 2012  

Ant Stott

Six times Global Trader Drak Challenge champ Ant Stott has vowed to be on the start line of the race on January 21, despite his dramatic withdrawal from the Unlimited Dusi due to a niggling and painful Achilles tendon injury.

The popular Drak icon, who has won the race more than any other paddler, and has completed 12 Drak Challenges, said he would find it very difficult not to be part of the race that he loved, even if he was some way off his prime fitness.

"I will definitely be there, but I really don't know how fit I will be and how competitive I will be on race day," said Stott.

"I have had an extended layoff and not paddled for three weeks, which apart from being very frustrating, is also not great preparation for the Drak which is right on top of us now."

Stott hurt his Achilles tendon at the SA Marathon Championships.

Since then Stott has had a battery of tests done on the troublesome tendon, which has stubbornly refused to respond to all the treatment and expert opinion.

Felgate makes his mark!
January 2012  

Chris Felgate

Chris Felgate participated in the ITU Triathlon Africa Cup for Zimbabwe. He finished 3rd in the event that took place at Troutbeck in Nyanga!



Chris Felgate
Tyronne Pillay made SA proud at IWAS!
January 2012  

Tyronne Pillay


Tyronne participated at the IWAS (International Wheelchair and Amputee Sports) Games in Sharjah in Dec 2011.

He came 8th in the discus with a new personal best of 32,44m & 4th in the shotput with a distance of 11,35m.
The competition was really tough in his category as the world record holder & Beijing Paralympic Champion was both competing against him in the shotput & discus.
The distance in the shotput wasn't his best to date but it will improve for SA's in 2012.

WELL DONE Tyronne!!

He comments: "PeptoSport and Peptopro were really good for me, kept me well hydrated in the Sharjah sun & the body felt really great the next morning after the discus. I found using the PeptoPro post competition had really good effects on the body".

Tyronne Pillay
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