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FAQ: Peptopro

1. What is the difference between PeptoPro® & PeptoSport®?


  • PeptoPro® is a unique pre-digested protein also known as a protein hydrolysate, derived from milk protein or casein. PeptoPro® is made up of peptides, which when consumed are rapidly absorbed into the blood, with no digestion required.
  • PeptoPro® has been formulated to be added to a flavoured, carbohydrate-containing energy drink i.e. Energade / Powerade
  • Benefits of adding a protein hydrolysate to a carbohydrate based sports drink:
    - Increases protein synthesis
    - Improves delayed muscle soreness
    - Improves muscle recovery after exercise
    - Enhances continuous hard training
    - Improves performance.


  • PeptoSport® is a sports drink with carbohydrate AND PeptoPro® (protein hydrolysate) for use during and after exercise. The choice and ratio of carbohydrates used in PeptoSport® have been scientifically proven to result in high rates of oxidation by the muscle and together with PeptoPro®, has been shown to activate muscle protein synthesis and enhance muscle recovery, thus enabling increased hard training and thereby improving overall performance.
  • PeptoSport® is a convenient, all-in-one product that has been formulated to be added to water.

2. What makes PeptoPro® and PeptoSport® different from other sports energy drinks?

  • PeptoPro® is hydrolysed casein (a milk protein) that supplies small proteins called peptides to the body. The peptides don't need any digestion and are absorbed into the bloodstream and go straight to the muscle, reaching the muscle much faster, just when they are needed most - during and directly after physical activity. This way the muscles recover faster as muscle synthesis is stimulated leading to less muscle soreness, thus enabling increased hard training and thereby improving overall performance.
  • The peptides also aid in better absorption of the carbohydrates (sugars) that assist with faster glycogen recovery of the muscles. Glycogen is the source of energy used by the muscles.
  • PeptoPro® has been formulated to be added to a flavoured, carbohydrate-containing energy drink i.e. Energade / Powerade
  • PeptoPro® contains carbohydates ( sugars ) and PeptoPro® and therefore has the same benefits as above.
  • The choice and ratio of carbohydrates used in PeptoSport® have been scientifically proven to result in high rates of oxidation by the muscle, thus improving glycogen recovery.
  • Other sports drinks may contain carbohydrates (sugars) only that will help with glycogen recovery, but no muscle synthesis (recovery) will take place.
  • Some sports drinks may contain intact or whole proteins (whey, soy, dairy products) which are not hydrolysed. These proteins typically have a negative effect on taste and refreshment, as the whole protein makes drinks sticky and "thick", properties that makes drinks difficult to combine with exercise. They are commonly associated with gastro intestinal discomfort if taken during or straight after exercise.

3. What are peptides?

  • Peptides are formed when a protein (milk protein or casein in the case of PeptoPro®) is split into smaller pieces by using advanced enzyme technology.



  • Peptides are made up of amino acids which are bound together, and when consumed, are rapidly absorbed into the blood with no digestion required.
  • PeptoPro® provides peptides containing the full spectrum of amino acids for building and repairing muscle tissue (glutamine stimulates muscle synthesis and recovery and the remaining amino acids are needed for completing the synthesis of the muscle).
  • Peptides are absorbed quickly thereby effecting muscle protein re-synthesis.

4. When is the best time to use PeptoPro®/ PeptoSport®?

  • If the exercise is longer than 60 min and high intensity, PeptoPro® / PeptoSport® should be used during exercise as the glycogen stores usually are adequate for 60-90 min of endurance and intermittent high intensity exercise to maintain normal blood sugar levels.
  • During exercise it is advised to consume about 200ml of mixed PeptoPro® / PeptoSport® every 15 - 30 min. Ensure that the PeptoPro® / PeptoSport® was mixed correctly according to the athlete's weight!
  • PeptoPro® / PeptoSport® is also indicated to be used as a recovery drink directly after exercise, within the 30 minute open window period, for best recovery of glycogen and muscles.

5. Is PeptoPro® low GI?

  • PeptoPro® is a hydrolysed protein and therefore has no GI as only carbohydrates can give a GI number. Added to a carbohydrate containing sports drink PeptoPro® lowers the GI of the sports drink.

6. How do I mix PeptoPro®/ PeptoSport®?

  • PeptoPro® and PeptoSport® are mixed according to the athlete's weight.
  • PeptoPro® is mixed with the athlete's favourite flavoured, carbohydrate-containing energy drink. It is NOT meant to be consumed with water only.
  • PeptoSport® is mixed with water as it contains carbohydrates and PeptoPro®.
  • PeptoPro® mixing instructions



  • PeptoSport® mixing instructions


7. Can I mix PeptoPro®/ PeptoSport® prior to the event?

  • Yes, PeptoPro® and PeptoSport® can be mixed before the event.
  • It is recommended to consume both products chilled!
  • To keep it chilled ice can be added to the product once mixed, or the mixed product can be frozen and then removed from the freezer to defrost before the event - thereby giving a very refreshing energy and recovery drink
  • Once mixed PeptoPro® and PeptoSport® may be kept in a refrigerator for 3 days prior to the event or in a deep freeze for 3 months before the event.

8. Is PeptoPro® / PeptoSport® safe to use?

  • Tested by 3rd Party
    PeptoPro® / PeptoSport® were the first sport supplements in South Africa to undergo rigorous testing by Informed Sport, for a range of substances banned by WADA to provide the highest level of assurance that they are safer for athletes to use. Visit their website at www.informed-sport.com
  • Scientific studies
    PeptoPro® / PeptoSport® were developed over time backed by scientific studies involving cyclists, runners, and rugby players that strongly suggest beneficial effects from ingesting a protein hydrolysate (PeptoPro®) together with carbohydrate during or immediately after exercise.
  • Quality Assurance program
    - GMF audits
    - ISO Certification
  • Certificate of Analysis & known origin of raw materials
  • Manufactured and packed under pharmaceutical conditions
  • PeptoPro® been used by Olympic teams in 2004 & 2008

9. PeptoPro® has a bitter taste, is there a way to improve the taste?

  • Peptides have a bitter taste by nature.
  • It is advised to be consumed chilled as it tastes better
  • To mask the bitter taste of PeptoPro® it is advised to add it to a more acidic flavoured, carbohydrate, energy drink like orange, lemon-lime, naartjie or citrus.


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