Get a head start: The importance of sports supplements for endurance training

Not all time spent training is equal. In fact, with our minds extremely focused on preparation for our upcoming endurance event, whether it be the Dusi Canoe Marathon, the Cape Epic or the Two Oceans Marathon, there’s a high possibility of injury or fatigue from over doing it. However, the hours spent training for high-intensity endurance events can go a whole lot smoother and provide you with a much-needed head start with the right sports supplements to fuel your body.

Ready, set…

Failing to prepare means that you’re preparing to fail, or so the old adage goes. But what does this mean when we look at it from a sports supplements’ perspective? Well, think of it this way; would you buy a Ferrari and fill it up with low grade fuel? How about using it as a delivery vehicle every day, loading it to the brim with heavy goods? This is what you’re doing to your body when you don’t provide it with the nutrients, minerals and sports supplements that it needs to perform at its best.

Throughout your training schedule, to ensure optimal performance on race day, you should be prepping your body and muscles to handle the tremendous amount of stress that will inevitably be there during and after the event. This includes consuming the appropriate sports supplements for endurance training that will take care of your muscles and ensure that they recover after each session.

Without the right balance of readily available protein and carbohydrates, you’ll lack the energy and stamina to successfully launch out of the starting blocks and make it to the finish line to beat your personal best.


Whether it’s your first time competing in the Dusi Canoe Marathon, your 10th time tackling the Cape Epic, or a recent upgrade from the half- to full- Two Oceans Marathon, nothing compares to the echoing clap at the start to signify the beginning of the race.

Your muscles tense up, your heart pounds and your blood starts flowing to get you moving. This is it. This is where all your training comes together and it’s your time to shine.

It might not hit you immediately, but as the event goes on, your body will start to reveal whether or not you’ve been fuelling it correctly. Any ache or strain will start to intensify, and the outlay of how you’ve been nourishing your muscles will become apparent. Hindsight is always a killer in this situation, and so before you get to this point, wouldn’t you like to know that you’ve done what you can to give yourself the ultimate opportunity for success? Going back to our Ferrari analogy, wouldn’t you like to know that your performance vehicle is filled with the best grade fuel and is race-ready? Well, that’s where we step in.

Backed by the best

We recommend PeptoSport® as your trusted and extensively tested sports supplements partner for all endurance events. It’s a unique, scientifically formulated all-in-one sports drink with carbohydrate and added PeptoProÒ (protein hydrolysate) to be added to water. PeptoSportÒ can be used during and after endurance exercise which improves muscle recovery, reduces muscle fatigue and facilitates peak physical performance.

Being a protein hydrolysate derived from pre-digested milk (casein) protein, PeptoPro®  requires no digestion, and so the amino acids contained in the formula enter the blood—and reach the muscles—much faster. This ensures that the readily available fuel that your body needs is absorbed and put to work sooner rather than later, giving you the head start you need to continuously perform at your best.

Read more about PeptoPro® HERE.