Sport nutrition – facts or fiction?


  • Should they be supplemented in athletes?

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Sport nutrition – special edition

A Healthy Immune System – doing sport during Winter

A number of big endurance events are approaching, of which the Comrades Marathon is best known. To prepare for such an event, training starts months in advance and builds-up in intensity. As training intensifies and winter approaches the athlete often gets sick. Research shows Upper Respiratory Tract Infections most often occur. Here are some strategies that may help to promote a healthy immune system while training hard.

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Recovery – is it important for sport performance?

In a nutshell, the recovery phase involves:

  • Restoration of muscle and liver glycogen stores, depleted by exercise
  • Replacement of fluids and electrolytes lost via sweat and breathing
  • Regeneration, repair and adaptation which takes place after catabolic stress and damage
    • This includes protein synthesis and breakdown as well as immune and antioxidant defence systems
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