Let us Explain: PeptoSport® and the role of protein and carbohydrates in performance and recovery


Written by  from Nutreats

When it comes to protein in the context of exercise or sport, it has the reputation of being essential for recovery, post workout. Typically, protein shakes, bars and powders are marketed to be consumed post workout. The conventional wisdom in sports nutrition, is that you need to consume a combination of protein and carbohydrates within the first hour after exercise. The role of carbohydrates is to restore your glycogen levels, which are left depleted after exercise.  The role of protein is to repair your muscles and minimize fatigue. Together, they help your body recover faster and allow you to continue training day after day.

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Sport nutrition – facts or fiction?


  • Should they be supplemented in athletes?

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Sport nutrition – special edition

A Healthy Immune System – doing sport during Winter

A number of big endurance events are approaching, of which the Comrades Marathon is best known. To prepare for such an event, training starts months in advance and builds-up in intensity. As training intensifies and winter approaches the athlete often gets sick. Research shows Upper Respiratory Tract Infections most often occur. Here are some strategies that may help to promote a healthy immune system while training hard.

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Recovery – is it important for sport performance?

In a nutshell, the recovery phase involves:

  • Restoration of muscle and liver glycogen stores, depleted by exercise
  • Replacement of fluids and electrolytes lost via sweat and breathing
  • Regeneration, repair and adaptation which takes place after catabolic stress and damage
    • This includes protein synthesis and breakdown as well as immune and antioxidant defence systems
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