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PeptoPro® is a unique scientifically formulated sports drink for use during and after exercise which improves muscle recovery and physical performance. It is a protein hydrolysate derived from pre-digested milk (casein) protein.

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Pack Size:

2 sizes available: 400g Tub & 250g Tub


PeptoPro® is an unique scientifically formulated protein hydrolysate (peptides) to be added to a carbohydrate energy drink during and after exercise to improve muscle recovery and physical performance.

The protein in PeptoPro® is in the form of a protein hydrolysate- meaning that the protein is already digested and in an absorbable form. No digestion is required and the protein hydrolysate gets absorbed directly into your bloodstream. Because the protein is already digested, there are NO gastro-intestinal side effects such as bloating, cramping etc.

PeptoPro contains all amino acids needed by humans in a very similar ratio to our own protein and includes glutamine and BCAA’s.

Dosage and Directions:

PeptoPro® is mixed and consumed according to the athlete’s weight.
PeptoPro® is mixed with the athlete’s favourite flavoured, carbohydrate-containing energy drink.
It is NOT meant to be consumed with water only.
Use during and after exercise.
Best consumed chilled.
Peptides are bitter by nature, adjust to taste.

Typical nutrition information

Scoops - Level1.52.53
Typical Value Per100g12g18g24g
Energy1470kJ 176kJ 265kJ353kJ
(Supplying Protein Hydrolysate)85g 10.2g15.3g20.4g
Total Fat0g0g0g0g

Ingredients: Casein hydrolysate, malic acid

NAPPI CodeServingsHalaalInformed Sport
PeptoPro® 400g Tub711707-00133 servings for a 1,5 scoop dosageYesYes

PeptoPro® is a trademark of DSM


  • In contrast to other protein products which have to be digested and broken down before entering the blood, PeptoPro® requires no digestion, so the amino acids contained in PeptoPro® enter the blood – and reach the muscles – much faster
  • Protein hydrolysate (peptides) provides amino acid building blocks rapidly to the muscles which promotes faster muscle recovery
  • Improves physical performance
  • Enhances continuous hard training
  • Aids in the absorption of glucose for rapid muscle glycogen repletion
  • Improves protein balance and muscle protein synthesis and reduces muscle fatigue
  • Each batch is tested by Informed Sport ( for WADA banned substances
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