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PeptoPro® is a unique scientifically formulated sports drink for use during and after exercise which improves muscle recovery and physical performance. It is a protein hydrolysate derived from pre-digested milk (casein) protein.

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PeptoSport® is a unique, scientifically formulated sports drink for use during and after exercise which improves muscle recovery and physical performance.

PeptoSport® is a clear, all-in-one sports drink with a tri-carb complex, protein hydrolysate (rapidly absorbing protein) and electrolytes, to be added to water.

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PeptoPro® and PeptoSport® are unique scientifically formulated sports drinks for use during and after exercise which improves muscle recovery and physical performance.

  • PeptoPro® is a protein hydrolysate (peptides) to be added to a carbohydrate energy drink
  • PeptoSport® is an all-in-one sports drink with carbohydrate and added PeptoPro® to be added to water
  • PeptoPro® – The Protein Peptide for Better Performance

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PeptoPro® and PeptoSport® are the FIRST sports supplements in South Africa to be registered with Informed Sport (a prohibited substance testing programme) in the UK, providing athletes, sports coaches and health professionals with increased assurance of a contaminant and drug-free supplement.


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  • Image ambassador

    Andrea Steyn

    Elite SA Triathlete/Duathlete

    “Faster recovery equals optimal training day after day and ultimately better performance. Peptopro has been part of my recovery during training and racing for last ten years. The building blocks to my success.”

  • Image ambassador

    Andrew Bosch

    “As an exercise physiologist I often recommend to athletes that certain supplements may be beneficial, but always caution of the risk of inadvertently ingesting a supplement contaminated by a substance prohibited by WADA and subsequently failing a drugs test. Thus the athlete is faced with a dilemma as to whether or not to take the risk, since a study initiated by the IOC in 2004 showed that 15% of supplements available internationally were contaminated by banned substances not listed on the label, while in South Africa 7% of supplements tested in 2004 were mislabeled or contaminated with prohibited substances. Thus a product that has been tested for inadvertent contamination with substances prohibited by WADA and found to be “clean” are welcomed by scientists, coaches and sportsmen and women.”

  • Image ambassador

    Bongani Buhlalu

    Triathlete / Runner / Swimmer / Cyclist

    “I solely focus on my fitness levels and performance statistics when I use PeptoPro / PeptoSport due to its fast acting recovery. PeptoPro / PeptoSport has made planning any training / racing programme easier since I don’t factor in muscle fatigue or damage.”
  • Image ambassador

    Bridgette Hartley

    South African Olympic Sprint Canoeist

    “I think the registration of PeptoPro and PeptoSport with informed sport is very exciting news! Professional athletes we are being tested more often lately, which is good for sport. For an athlete to have one less worry about whether our supplements have had cross-contamination is great news and it allows us to use the product properly without any worries, which enables us to focus on our training”.

  • Image ambassador

    Exxarro Development Mountain Bike Team

  • Image ambassador

    Linda Doke

    Ultra-distance trail runner, South Africa

    “I’ve been running ultra-marathons for many years, and have always battled with keeping my blood sugar levels constant during ultra events. I recently competed in the Namib Desert Challenge 2011, a five-day 220km self-sufficient race through the Namib Desert, and finally found the product that works: it’s PeptoSport! I ran an average of 5 hours a day every day, and only used PeptoSport and water – no gels, no bars, no other supplements needed. I measured out the recommended amounts into small zip-lock bags, which I would add to my water bottles at every checkpoint. For the first time in any ultra I’ve done, I experienced no blood sugar lows or energy slumps. It was brilliant! And every day when I’d crossed the finish line, I had a dose of PeptoPro with PeptoSport to assist my muscle recovery so I could be strong again for the following day’s run. The results speak for themselves: I won the women’s category, came 4th overall, and broke the women’s record by 2hrs 28min. PeptoSport + PeptoPro is the bomb!”

  • Image ambassador

    Nolene Conrad

    Elite Marathon and Ultra Marathon Athlete, South Africa

    “As I have become a better athlete, planning my recovery has gotten more and more important. I always go for the highest quality, where I know what I am getting out of the supplement is exactly what my body needs and will enable me to perform at my best. Since I have been taking the PeptoPro / PeptoSport recovery supplements I have experienced less fatigue, feel energized and I have a faster recovery post training and racing. I’m so happy I made the switch to Peptopro!”

  • Image ambassador

    Quintin Stokes-Waller

    TUKS U17 Player

    PeptoPro and PeptoSport helps me to recover from stiffness so that I am able to perform to the best of my abilities the following day and also to continue to push myself to my limits to be the best athlete that I can possibly be. This is essential if you have to train every day. PeptoPro is one of the essential items in my training bag.

  • Image ambassador

    Tyrone Pillay

    South African Paralympic Shot-put Champ 2016 and All African Games Champ 2015

    The best products I have ever used. Has helped me tremendously and provides the added energy required in my training. The post workout recovery is truly amazing.

  • Image ambassador

    Ulrica Stander

    Elite Marathon and Ultra Marathon Athlete, South Africa

    “Being an endurance athlete you need to be fit, have a strong mind and be in tune with your body for nutrition to restore and recover well. 

    After years of running I know exactly which products work for me.

    PeptoPro with PeptoSport’s effect is instantly and gets me over those difficult hills. I also recover extremely fast, ready to hit the road the next day. 

    PeptoPro/PeptoSport is my recovery fuel I need during and after a race, keeping me on top of my game. It’s a must have for any dedicated athlete!”