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Mi-Vitamin® Multi-Vitamin Mineral for Pregnant and Lactating Women

Being 46 now there are days when you just feel flat, bloated and heavy and also a bit down…I’ve been taking a regular vitamin with no major signs of change…. UNTIL I started taking Mi-Vitamin for Pregnancy. Wow, what a change after just 2 days of taking this tablet, I have a new found energy, my eyes don’t feel like they are sitting in the back of my head,  I don’t have that tender feeling in your breasts… I’m now feeling great again and my whole being is feeling recharged and in line again.

Thank you for this vitamin – who would have thought a pregnancy vitamin would do the trick!!!!

-J Michele

Mi-Vitamin® Multi-Vitamin Mineral Supplement for Children from 3 – 12 years

The high Iron and Zinc levels in this product caught my eye and is very important to me. I can never find a multi-vitamin that includes extra Iron for my children. Great product!

-J Pio

Mi-Vitamin® Multi-Vitamin Supplement for Men and Women

I was struggling with tiredness and low energy but someone recommended Mi-Vitamin® for men & women, not only did I have more energy but my appetite has improved too. I am feeling great.

-A Lutchman


Im preparing for the Comrade smarathon and PeptoPro® has been part of me ever since I started with running and cycling. With the long runs that I’m currently doing I get to recover quicker. I mainly use PeptoSport® during exercises or events and PeptoPro® after. The Multivitamins are also coming in very handy during this time of change of season.

-Leo Moloele

PeptoPro® and PeptoSport® has been part of my sporting career for the last 10 years. I do believe in optimal recovery and science in any product and PeptoPro® and PeptoSport® was able to fulfil these requirements! Competing at the highest level in Sport I am always rest assured that PeptoSport® and PeptoPro® is safe to use as they are certified with Informed-Sport!”

-Andrea Steyn

I am ardent believer in PeptoSport® for use during racing and PeptoPro® for post race and training recovery. Both products work and I like the fact that both products meet the highest possible food standards. Ethical and scientifically proven products are an important factor in my buying decision”

-Neil Frazer – Sub Vet keen cyclist

Before being selected for this amazing Dare to TRI adventure, I did not cycle or swim, and my running nutrition was usually water and coke on the run. I was very ignorant when it came to goo’s and usually bought an array of things at the expo before two oceans. For the one 94.7 cycle challenge that I did, I used a bottle of Energade, and water, with a few energy bars. Nothing fancy.

I was not sure how to use your products and it made a huge difference when it was explained to us. I started using all the products (PeptoPro®, PeptoSport®) after that. I am totally hooked on all of your products, and would not stop using any one of them. I only wish that you could bring out something more concentrated, like a goo, for running long distance.

If you had something that came in a goo form or even chewy form, I would be ecstatic!

I had a brilliant Ironman and am absolutely sure that considering at my age and level of fitness (or lack thereof) at the start of the training, it is amazing how I managed to get through all of it without any really serious aches and pains, and that I managed to stay healthy throughout.

I have to believe it had something to do with your products as I used them religiously through-out the training once their use had been explained to me.

Being selected as one of the DTT team, going through the motions of training all those months, and eventually finishing the Ironman 70.3 has been an amazing experience!

-Sarah-Jane Horscroft

I won a lucky draw at that event and I must say that I have converted from Cytomax to PeptoPro®. I love the taste, and find the recovery time between sessions is great. I have converted my old man (who is quite committed road cyclist) to change as well, I think you guys have a premium product that has great potential. I’m sure with Ant promoting the product with the Dusi Canoe Marathon coming up PeptoPro® and PeptoSpor® will get some great TV coverage.

-Warren Lancaster (keen paddler and member of Natal Canoe Club)

Since I changed over to PeptoPro® & Pepto Sport® my stomach isn’t giving me any problems during and after running! This is great as I use to have a lot of stomach cramps and pain. My performance has also improved because of this wonderful product!

Johan van Tonder

I love PeptoPro®, as I can train just as hard the next day because my muscles are not as sore or weak as it used to be after a race.

-Personal trainer

I didn’t like the taste of PeptoPro® at first, as it was quite bitter but took it as I could feel the benefit of recovering much better. Now I prefer it as it makes my energy drink a bit more bland! Towards the end of my race the sweetness of ordinary energy drinks used to get to me.

-Kathy Smith

I don’t like using the carbohydrate energy drinks so what I really like about PeptoPro® is that I can add it to any carbs drink, even fruit juice, that I prefer taking during my events!

-Michelle Van Heerden


PeptoSport really helps with my recovery. My legs feel great on long rides and I don’t have that sore leg pain that most people get when riding up steep hills. I am able to finish hard on most of my rides.

-T Vosloo

I just wanted to say a huge “Thank You” to you for pointing me in the direction of PeptoSport®. I have been using it every time I’ve done a training session of 1 hour or more and also at races (swimming and triathlon). My body no longer aches during the weeks of training and I’m feeling 100% fit! My first BSG Triathlon went well. I did an extremely slow time, but it went well enough for me to have entered a second one. I will try to improve on the time!

I have told every sports man or woman that I’ve seen in my practice about PeptoPro® and PeptoSport®. I think it’s amazing! My Mom is doing the London Marathon in April next year and I’ve got her on the PeptoSport® too!

-Lindsey Leatherbarrow (Registered Dietitian)

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Regarding the product, I am really very happy and impressed with PeptoPro® and PeptoSport® and do not wish to use anything else. I carried extra powder with me on the stages so that I could fill my bottles with PeptoSport® and not the product that was provided at the water stations. I have started each day feeling fresh and ready for the day to come. I never felt extremely exhausted at any time, even though I had to face a lot of head winds mostly on my one while the other riders had teammates to help.

Christine Jansen Van Rensburg (Mountain biker)


I am a 62-year-old male, weight 74.8 kgs.

As I don’t use/drink dairy products, I drink the GlucaChol-22® Instant flavoured drinks as a milkshake with distilled water.

I also mix the Glucachol-22® with my cereal (jungle oats bran) and adding 80ml soya milk.

I’ve suffered for 18+ years with severe IBS (constipation) and have discovered that this is the FIRST product that gives me normal bowel movement.

Glucachol-22® is an amazing product!

This product can reduce one’s cholesterol and shed off some unwanted kg’s provided one eats a healthy diet.

-Brian Havinga

I am encouraged by the reduction in my Cholesterol levels over the past 2 months through using GlucaChol-22®. I have seen a 25% reduction in Total Cholesterol down to 4.7 as well as a reduction in my LDL’s from 4.1 to 3.1.

-John Gardner